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What Our Clients Say

Maximillian S.

Medical student

Wroclaw, Poland

StudyDoc is really doing an excellent job. The agency helped me receive my place to study at the university. It all was perfectly organized, competent and people were friendly. Everything went smoothly.

Mishan L.

Medical student

Hamburg, Germany

The support and advise that I received from StudyDoc helped me have a worry free start to student life abroad, not only during the application process but also with the beginning of my student life in a new city.

Jonas H.

Medical student

Vilnius, Lithuania

I would recommend StudyDoc to anyone, especially anyone that has no chance of studying medicine in Germany due to NC and waiting time. StudyDoc is available to answer any questions and are easy to reach.

Ferdinand R.

Medical student

Vienna, Austria

“StudyDoc does an excellent job. The agency helped me get my study place – perfectly organised, competent and friendly. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Why Choose StudyDoc?

Arranging university places in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine – StudyDoc helps you and your parents throughout Europe to begin your desired course of study at a foreign university.

High Success Rate

Our proven track record of close to 90% success rate demonstrates our commitment to helping students secure a spot at their dream university.

Personalized Support

Our expert consultants provide personalized guidance and support throughout your application process, ensuring your unique needs are met.

Smooth Transition

We help you navigate the complexities of studying abroad, making it a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

StudyDoc carefully chooses universities based on a variety of factors, ensuring they are the best fit for international students. Our selection process focuses on the quality of education, reputation, faculty expertise, learning resources, and the overall student experience. Additionally, we consider the availability of English-taught programs, the level of support provided to international students, and the potential for a smooth transition into the university’s academic and social environment. Our goal is to connect you with universities that not only excel in their respective fields but also offer a welcoming and nurturing environment for students from around the world.

Yes, at StudyDoc, we believe that every student deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams, regardless of their high school grades. We understand that grades may not always reflect a student’s true potential, and we work closely with universities that share this philosophy. Our consultants guide you through the application process, focusing on your strengths, motivations, and experiences, rather than solely on your grades. This personalized approach allows us to match you with universities that recognize your potential and are eager to support you in achieving your academic and career goals.

StudyDoc is committed to offering a transparent and fair pricing structure. Our services include personalized consultation, university selection, application planning, and admission test preparation. We charge a success fee, The fees for our professional services will be billed and paid in two instalments:

  • The Agency charges for its services, a initial deposit of 500$ (£ for UK & IRE)  of the total sum. If the applicant decides to apply for more than the University chosen an extra application fee can apply. Payment should be made when the application is filled out and submitted.
  • When the application(s) are ready and all documents gathered, ready to be submitted to the university, the rest of the total payment will be due in full 2,500$ (£ for UK & IRE)

We believe that this approach aligns our interests with yours, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible support throughout your application journey.

With StudyDoc’s guidance, you can study in a wide range of countries across Europe. We work with top universities in Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the educational landscape in each country and can help you navigate the various application processes, requirements, and cultural differences. We are committed to finding the perfect university for you, ensuring an enriching and fulfilling academic experience abroad.

Absolutely! StudyDoc offers comprehensive support for admission test preparation. We understand that these tests can be a crucial factor in securing a spot at your preferred university. To help you excel in your tests, we provide in-house preparation courses, both in-person and online, tailored to the specific requirements of the universities you are applying to. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the test material, share valuable tips and strategies, and provide personalized feedback on your performance. Additionally, we offer practice tests and resources to help you gain confidence and familiarity with the test format, ensuring that you are well-prepared and ready to succeed on the actual test day.